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Make a Difference in Weston

The most important thing we can do as citizens is vote and get our families and friends to vote.

The following is common sense, but worth remembering. There are state and national laws and policies, of course, but local Boards of Education fine-tune curricula and determine how much additional emphasis critical and higher-level thinking skills are given in our schools.

Local Boards of Finance ultimately determine the caliber of the education, safety, and quality of life for the whole community, including its youth and most vulnerable citizens. Local Library Boards determine ways they can best address the informational, technical, and social needs of their communities. Local Planning and Zoning Boards and P&Z Boards of Appeals determine the long-term characters of their communities. Other Local boards and committees as well, such as the Board of Ethics, the Committee for Veterans Affairs, the Commission for the Arts, the
Commission on Aging, and the Commission for Children and Youth help form and enrich the lives of every Westonite.  Democrats serving on Weston’s boards and commissions bring the integrity and ideals of the Democratic party to bear while addressing local issues.

Chris Spaulding, current selectman and our 2017 candidate for First Selectman, recently quoted Edmund Burke. Burke, an 18th Century Irish statesman who also served in the British Parliament, said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It’s a sentiment that is, without a doubt, especially important today.  Much – if not all – of what happens in Hartford and D.C. begins in small towns like ours.

Your votes in Weston matter

If we want to affect change in our country’s leadership, we have to start here, with Weston’s leadership.

As of September 5, 2017, there were 6,466 registered voters in Weston. The breakdown is as follows: Democrats: 2,293; Republicans: 1,780; Unaffiliated: 2,314; Other: 79. Getting out the vote is just as important as getting our message out.

What can you in the lead up to this November’s election?

  • Attend DTC meetings. All registered Democrats are welcome. (second
    Wednesday of the month at Town Hall – 7:15 socializing; 7:30 meeting)
  • Talk to your friends and send them emails about the candidates you support.
  • Express yourself on social media and like our Facebook page(s).
  • Share and comment on posts.
  • Write Letters to the Editor.
  • Display a sign in your yard, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Donate.

What can you do in the long term?

Run for office as a Democrat. Or consider a position on one of Weston’s appointed boards and commissions.  There are many volunteer opportunities in town that you might not be aware of!

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