With the fiscal health of the state seemingly making no progress and continuing to lag over the next several years, Weston needs to have leaders that have a plan and a vision. Together, Chris Spaulding and Brian Gordon developed “WestoNEXT,” one of many initiatives the duo plan to roll out and the only actionable one put forth by any candidates running for the Board of Selectmen in Weston.

We have no time to dwell on past mistakes or point fingers and must come together and move forward with a real plan. WestoNEXT does just that. WestoNEXT is a series of proven concepts that when implemented will strengthen and improve Weston, regardless of any state imposed economic obstacles. Since the issues our state is facing can’t be resolved in two years, why continue to only plan and budget in two-year increments?

Working to constantly improve our present conditions while planning for what’s next, WestoNEXT will allow leaders like Chris and Brian to make decisions while planning ahead. Residents want a responsive and predictable government. They also want one that will be fiscally efficient and prepared for whatever’s next, so let’s give the people what they want.

WestoNEXT strives to create and implement:

  • Out-of-the box financing for local community needs that comes at no cost to the taxpayer.
  • A vast network of resources for residents who have home businesses while also fostering economic growth for startups and incubators.
  • Responsible economic growth that will help to support and grow our tax base rather than rely solely on individual taxpayers.
  • A group of volunteers that come together to collaborate on how to create attractive amenities in our town.
  • Sustainability initiatives to protect and preserve our environment for this generation and those in the future.

Paid for by Spaulding and Gordon for Weston, David Muller Treasurer.  Approved by Chris Spaulding and Brian Gordon.

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