How to Join


The Weston DTC encourages the participation of all registered Democrats in Town. If you are looking to become involved, we can help you find the opportunity that fits your interests and availability.

All registered Democrats in Weston are eligible for DTC membership. The DTC is responsible for seeking out and recommending to the Democratic caucus (see below) candidates for membership in the DTC. The DTC Search Committee (5 members, at least one of whom is not a DTC member) is the primary vehicle through which new candidates are identified. DTC members are expected to attend monthly meetings of the DTC and to volunteer, as needed, in DTC-endorsed activities.



In each even-numbered year, the DTC holds a caucus (all registered Democrats in Town may participate in the caucus) in early January for the selection of Democratic Party-endorsed candidates for the DTC. At the caucus, the Search Committee may present a slate of candidates or individual candidates may be nominated.

Notice of the caucus will be published in Weston Today, posted on the DTC website and Facebook pages, and sent by email to those subscribed to the DTC newsletter, in each case between five and fifteen days before the caucus date. Elected DTC members begin their two-year term on the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in March of the caucus year.

For more detail, please see the DTC By-Laws.


  • Attend DTC meetings regularly.
  • Become a DTC associate by signing up for the DTC newsletter on this website. This ensures that you will get an email notice of each DTC meeting.
  • Volunteer for Democratic campaigns leading up to elections.
  • Volunteer for one of the DTC Committees (Communications, Fundraising, Campaign and Outreach). See below to learn more about the work of our various committees.
  • Visit the DTC website and visit our Facebook and Instagram pages on a regular basis, and be sure to Like/Share our posts.

Reach out to a DTC member to discuss the issues of concern to you and express your interest in volunteering for the DTC.

DTC Committees
  • Campaign– Organize and coordinate all Democratic election campaign activities in Weston, including canvassing, developing election materials and arranging for staffing of in-person campaign events.
  • Communications– (1) Communicate official DTC information and matters of interest to members and nonmembers, including meeting notices, upcoming events and other information and activities, and (2) oversee maintenance, content and updating of the DTC’s website and other social media accounts, and monitor other social media sites of interest to the DTC.
  • Fundraising– Solicit donations and organize fundraising events and such other events as the DTC may sponsor from time to time.
  • Outreach– Develop and coordinate activities that encourage broad participation in Democratic politics and elections by all age groups, promote new Democratic voter and party declaration registration, educate voters and maintain accurate up-to-date membership lists.

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