Absentee Ballot Information


Below is a summary of important information relating to applying for, and voting by, an Absentee Ballot.  However, you should refer to the Weston Town Clerk’s webpage for the most up to date information on Applications for, and deadlines for submitting, Absentee Ballots for any upcoming election.

Check Your Registration Status:

Voters are encouraged to verify that they are registered to vote before they submit an application for an Absentee Ballot. You may check your registration status HERE.

Apply For Your Absentee Ballot:

(a) online at the Connecticut Secretary of the State website;
(b) at the Town Clerk’s office at Weston Town Hall; or,
(c) online at the Town of Weston website.

You may submit your application:
• via mail to the Weston Town Clerk, or in person at the Weston Town Clerk’s office in Weston Town Hall, or
• by placing it in the Official Ballot Drop Box in front of Weston Town Hall (Norfield Road side).

Applications for Absentee Ballots may be downloaded by an individual for the individual’s own use, or the use of a member of the individual’s immediate family, or the use of a designee of the applicant. Any person who will distribute five (5) or more Absentee Ballot applications to persons other than the individual’s immediate family must register with and obtain forms from the Weston Town Clerk.


One of the reasons for voting absentee that is listed on the Absentee Ballot Application is “sickness”.  Thanks to a new law law, voters are allowed to vote absentee due to the presence of COVID-19, even when the voter themselves is not personally sick.

Voting By Absentee Ballot

Once you receive your Absentee Ballot, you may drop it in the Official Ballot Drop Box in front of Weston Town Hall (Norfield Road side), or mail or deliver it to the Weston Town Clerk at Weston Town Hall.

The Official Ballot Drop Box is available October 1 through 8:00 PM on election day (24 hours/7days a week). Please see the Weston Town Clerk’s webpage for important information regarding the deadlines for submitting your Absentee Ballot.

Note, that once you have applied for an Absentee Ballot, you may not simply change your mind and vote in person instead. In such a case, you must go to the Registrars’ office in Weston Town Hall, where you will be required to surrender the Absentee Ballot you received in the mail, and sign an affidavit, before you can vote in person at the polls on Election Day.

Please ensure that you allow time for all the steps so that your vote can be counted prior to election day: 

  • Voter submits application to the Town Clerk
  • Town Clerk processes application
  • Town Clerk mails Absentee Ballot to voter
  • Voter completes Absentee Ballot
  • Voter mails completed Absentee Ballot to the Weston Town Clerk, or places it in the Official Ballot Drop Box in front of Weston Town Hall

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