Voter Registration


Below is a summary of important information relating to voter registration to enable you to vote in upcoming elections.  However, you should refer to the Weston Registrars’ webpage for the most up-to-date information on voter registration.

Voters are encouraged to verify that they are registered to vote well in advance of any election.  You may check your registration status at the Connecticut Secretary of the State website.

You can register to vote, update your registration, and/or change party affiliation in person or online.

In-person registration options:
• Office of the Registrar of Voters or Town Clerk, Weston Town Hall, 56 Norfield Road (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)
• Department of Motor Vehicles
• Weston Public Library
• Complete the Voter Registration Form and mail to Registrar of Voters, Weston Town Hall, PO Box 1007, 56 Norfield Road, Weston 06883

To register online:

• Go to the State of Connecticut’s Online Voter Registration System. (Note: CT DMV-issued ID required to complete new voter registration online.)

Once registered, you can confirm your registration status at the Connecticut Secretary of State website.

Election Day Registration: If a qualified voter has misses pre-election day registration deadlines, the voter will still be able to register and vote on election day. The Election Day Registration location will be at Weston Middle School in Room H5, which is next to the old gym. Voters should park in the back of Weston Middle School and follow signs for the EDR. You can register and vote in this location, however you need to be in line by 8:00 PM in order to vote.

Municipal Election: Weston Middle School Gym (enter in the back of the school), from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Voters will be able to vote if they are in line by 8:00 PM. Anyone arriving after 8:00 PM will not be able to vote. Note regarding Curbside Voting: if a voter is present at the polling place, but is unable to gain access due to a temporary incapacity, the voter may request that the ballot be brought to the voter. Please see the Weston Registrars’ webpage for further information on curbside voting.

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