Important Dates

Oct 2 2020


Absentee Ballots Available. You must apply for a ballot using the official application form English/Spanish available on the state website. You may submit your application via mail, or in person at Weston Town Hall, or by placing it in the designated election drop box in front of Weston Town Hall.
Oct 27 2020 Last day to register for regular voting on the Nov 3rd. If you do not register by this date, you will not be on the voter list at the polls.

However, there is Election Day Registration, so if you miss the deadline, you can still register and vote at the polls on election day, but you need to give yourself some extra time. You must be registered before the polls close at 8 PM, not just be in line by 8 PM if you want to vote.

Nov 3 2020 Absentee ballots must be received by this date to be counted for the election.

Make sure that you allow time for all the steps:

  • Mail back the application to Town Clerk
  • Town Clerk processes application
  • Town Clerk mails ballot to elector
  • Elector completes ballot
  • Ballot mailed back to Town Clerk, or placed in the designated election drop box┬áin front of Weston Town Hall

This cycle can take several days, so apply early if you want to vote absentee.

Prospective voters should make sure they are registered before requesting the absentee ballot.

Nov 3 2020 Municipal Election
Weston Middle School Gym
6:00 am to 8:00 pm


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