Weston Now


…and into the future.

Building on their successful tenure as First and Second Selectmen, Chris and Sam seek to continue the important initiatives began two years ago.

With the fiscal health of the state in flux over the next several years, Weston needs the continuity of leadership that will plan and implement a strong vision for Weston Nowand into the future while serving as a bulwark to keep the state from imposing economic obstacles.

Chris and Sam will work to make thoughtful decisions while planning ahead to provide a responsive and transparent government that seeks to create community, provide amenities, and be fiscally efficient.

Achievements include:

  • Out-of-the box financing for community needs that comes at no or a lower cost to the taxpayer, such as the new Town Green, sidewalk grants, and a new multimillion dollar library expansion.
  • A communications team that is creating a network of resources – website, opt-in direct out-reach, social media — to respond directly to residents need to be connected and get timely information.
  • Negotiated several Virtual Net Metering deals providing 3 megawatts of energy for the town and schools. Now, more than 70% of municipal energy is being generated green. This represents over $4 million in savings potential over next 25 years. By partnering with both Westport and Wilton on these deals, we are also developing strong regional partnerships and synergies.
  • Working closely with the volunteer members of town boards, commissions and committees to collaborate on how to create attractive amenities in town to better our community.

“I’m eager to continue fulfilling the agenda I set when first taking office. This means working to build a strong sense of community in Weston, supporting home values, fighting for our town in Hartford, and being creative in finding sources of financing that help make Weston an even better place to live. The new amenities we’re working on, such as sidewalks, renovations to Town Hall for the Police Department, EMS, and Fire Department, expansion of the library, and creating a Town Green, are all part of it.” First Selectman Christopher Spaulding.

As a mom and a small business owner who is also raising a family in Weston, I represent people who are often too busy and unable to participate but are nonetheless passionate about our town. I am a voice for families and business professionals and understand their concerns and aspirations. I want to continue the important work of building community and creating a vibrant Weston that attracts new residents and improves our day to day lives.” Second Selectman Samantha Nestor

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