Weston Forum Endorses Chris Spaulding for First Selectman

From the Weston Forum, November 2:

The race for Weston’s top office is between current first selectman Nina Daniel and current selectman Chris Spaulding.

A life coach by profession, Spaulding has been a voice of reason on the current board. He has good ideas and proactive solutions, and he listens thoughtfully to others.

Daniel has kept her campaign promise to maintain fiscal responsibility in Weston and was wise to heed objections to the proposed multimillion-dollar public safety complex. She has also kept a lid on spending and taxes.

However, she has had some notable missteps with communication. She failed to inform the other selectmen and the finance board about a deal made in the animal hoarding case. She was also reluctant to communicate with the public via Code Red during the unexpected microburst that closed a number of roads during rush hour.

Communication and transparency are absolutely critical for the job of first selectman.

Chris Spaulding has gained a lot of experience serving on the board these past two years. He has enthusiasm and ideas for improvements to the town.

For those reasons, Chris Spaulding deserves election as first selectman.


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