Connecticut Legislature passed Public Act 20-03 July Spec. Sess. allowing all voters to vote by absentee ballot if they choose to because of COVID-19.

The Office of Secretary of the State Denise W. Merrill will be sending absentee ballot applications to all eligible voters by mid-September. Alternately, you can download the form on the state website in English/Spanish.

Simply complete form and return to your local Registrar’s Office
— Weston Registrar of Voters, PO Box 1007 or 56 Norfield Road, Weston, CT 06883

You will receive your official ballot in the mail. Follow instructions closely on proper handling, and return to  Registrar’s Office via mail, or by dropping off in the Official Ballot Box, just outside the main entrance at Weston Town Hall.

Note, that once you have applied for an absentee ballot, you may not simply change your mind and vote in person instead. In such a case, you must go to the Registrar’s office, where you’ll be required to surrender the ballot you received by mail, and sign an affidavit, before you can vote at the polls on Election Day.

For more information, visit the Absentee Ballot Information page on the official website for the Town of Weston, or call the office of the Weston Registrar of Voters (203) 222-2686.

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