Democratic Leadership Keeps Weston Moving Forward

Democratic leadership and representation are more important than ever. VOTE ROW A ONLY to continue the Democrats’ track record of vision, fiscal responsibility, responsive leadership, and non-partisan collaboration.


  • Navigating Covid, with responses based on science and expert health guidance, to keep our community safe.
  • Maintaining a AAA bond rating and continued excellence in education and Town services with only modest (or no) mill rate increases.
  • Obtaining millions of dollars in new public grants.
  • Powering 70% of the Town with green energy.
  • Continuing anti-bias and verbal de-escalation training for all officers with an emphasis on community policing and the relationship between law enforcement and the community.
  • Purchasing in-car and body cameras for all officers.
  • Adopting the Village District regulations.
  • Initiating the Town’s Facilities Optimization Committee, charged with analyzing the potential for optimization of Town and school facilities.


  • Maintaining local control over zoning and education.
  • Revitalizing Town Center.
  • Addressing the emerging needs of our community with fiscal prudence and thorough consideration of priorities and alternatives.
  • Focusing on the health, safety and social/emotional needs of students during this Covid era.
  • Enhancing broadband and WiFi throughout Town.
  • Investing in infrastructure to repair bridges and roads, and complete the sidewalk initiative.
  • Pursuing eco-friendly policies that drive sustainable development and conservation.
  • Continuing transparency, community engagement, non-partisan discourse and creative problem-solving that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion.      


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