Message From New DTC Chair, Gayle Weinstein

Gayle Wein

The Weston Democratic Town Committee holds a caucus every two years to elect voting members to the DTC. This year, our caucus was held on Wednesday, January 5 at 7:30 PM. Our meeting took place outside the Weston Library, due to the fact that Town rules related to COVID did not easily intersect with the legal need to hold an in-person caucus. I thank those who braved the foggy, damp and cold weather to participate in this important process.

The DTC is our local arm of the Democratic Party. DTC members share a common vision aligned with the principles of the Democratic Party and work locally to support these principles and our Democratic elected officials at all levels of government. It is also a vehicle for endorsing candidates for Town Boards, Commissions and Committees. As such, DTC members play an important role in local government.

Hearty congratulations to the newly and re-elected members of the Weston DTC whose 2022-2024 term will officially begin on March 2nd. The DTC Search Committee assembled a truly outstanding slate and, as the newly elected DTC Chair, I am excited to have the opportunity to work with this group, move Weston forward and kick off 2022 as a year for democracy in action!

Gayle Weinstein

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