Let This Be A Call To Action

IT’S TIME TO STEP UP.  The stakes for the November election just got higher.

Heartbroken. Anger. Despair. Fear. We know how you’re feeling. The Trumpian right-wing Supreme Court just issued horrendous decisions on gun safety and reproductive rights. And now, people across the United States will have to live with the dangerous consequences of their actions for years to come. We must fight back!

We didn’t think the stakes for this November could get any higher, but they just did–and they just got more local. The fight for stronger Democratic control of the US House & Senate could not be more critical. The need to maintain Democratic leadership in all branches of government right here in CT just became more urgent than ever.

So let today be the day you make a promise to step up and get involved. Our next newsletter will feature the launch of “Activist’s Corner”–a curated list of ways you can to make a difference. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.

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