2023 Was A Good Year For Weston Democrats!

We began the year by celebrating the re-election of Governor Lamont and State Rep Anne Hughes, and the election of State Senator Ceci Maher and our new constitutional officers in Hartford,  Thanks to their efforts, legislation has passed that reduces taxes, pays down our pension obligations, makes early voting a reality and protects our children. We are so proud of the good work they have done!

Locally, the Democrats, led by First Selectwoman Sam Nestor, raised $35M in grant money to reduce capital and facilities project costs, put ARPA funds to good use to address critical infrastructure needs and successfully tackled projects that greatly improved the safety, sustainability, and sense of community in Weston. Changes in leadership in the BOF (Steve Ezzes to Mike Imber) and the BOE (Tony Pesco to Steve Ezzes) meant the continuation of strong collaboration with a fresh eye towards the future. We ended 2023 with the election/re-election of every single Democrat that was on the ticket!

The DTC leadership team is so grateful for the support and volunteerism of our local Dems who worked hard to achieve these results. Together we have created a growing, welcoming community that will continue to show the strong spirit and determination of Weston Dems!

2024 Needs Our Resolve & Commitment More Than Ever!

We look forward to 2024 and the upcoming elections with a renewed sense of purpose. Senator Murphy and Representative Himes face tough re-election campaigns and President Biden is certainly not a shoe in. But we know that we have the numbers and the commitment to make sure that Weston votes blue in 2024.

We also recognize that 2023 may have been a tough year for some, and we are here to support you. We wish everyone a peaceful, happy, and most of all a healthy New Year!

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