The Threat of White Christian Nationalism

We can all agree that Trump and the Project 2025 agenda must be defeated!  At it’s core:  White Christian Nationalism.  To fight this threat we must understand it:  VIRTUAL EVENT (Hosted by Indivisible Stamford) on Thursday, July 11 @ 7 – 8:30 PM–REGISTER HERE

A movement has been underway for decades that, if successful, will completely undermine every freedom we take for granted. These include our freedom of speech, our free press, our bodily autonomy, our ability to marry who we choose, and our choice of religion… to name a few.

A second Trump term will be the movement’s best chance to solidify minority rule. And the recent SCOTUS decision giving Trump Presidential immunity is just the beginning

White Christian Nationalism:
What is it?
Who spreads it?
What is its history?
How is it an existential threat to our democracy?
What does it mean for us?
How can we resist it?

We will address these issues and take your questions at a special Zoom presentation and discussion with Dr. Ruth Braunstein Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Meanings of Democracy Lab at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Braunstein’s recent project with the Meanings of Democracy Lab is “Mapping the Pluralistic Resistance. The Frontlines of the Resistance to Christian Nationalism”.  Her award-winning research has been published extensively and covered in the New York TimesWashington PostTime MagazineHuffington PostNew York MagazineNational Catholic Reporter and Religion News Service, among other outlets.

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