VOTE NO/YES/NO on Town Budget Referendum

VOTE TOMORROW @ TOWN HALL, 12-8 PM (or TODAY by Absentee Ballot)

We know you understand how crucial services like snow plowing, road repairs, and essential town services are.  It’s unacceptable that a small faction at last week’s Town Meeting could slash these services without considering the consequences. This is about essential services and SAFETY.  This is now up for a vote—there are 3 line items on the ballot.

We are asking you to stand with us and vote NO on the operating budget, YES on the BOE budget (which did not get cut) and NO on the capital budget in the upcoming referendum. This will send the operating and capital budgets back to the Board of Finance to restore funding for these essential services. Ultimately this allows us to eventually vote on the original budget created my your democratically elected officials.

Can I count on your support to VOTE NO/YES/NO? 

You can vote by absentee ballot today until 4pm at Town Clerks Office or in person on Sat at Town Hall 12-8pm.

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